TissUse has developed a unique, proprietary and patent-protected “human-on-a-chip” technology platform to accelerate the development of pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, and personalized medical products. This technology – for the first time ever – provides preclinical insight on a systemic level using human tissue and enables the direct prediction of effects of chemicals and their metabolism on near real-life models.

The Problem

Human-on-a-Chip: The Problem

The Solution

Human-on-a-Chip: The Solution

TissUse’s proprietary technology platform is a miniaturised construct that closely simulates the activity of multiple human organs in their true physiological context at the smallest possible biological scale.

  • Microfluidic chip format of a standard microscopic slide
  • Tissue cultures 100,000-fold smaller than original organs
  • Dynamic circulation with vascular perfusion
  • On-chip micro-pump and natural tissue to fluid ratio
  • Variable physiological shear stresses applicable
  • Compatible with life tissue imaging
  • Designed to work with existing lab equipment
  • Rapid prototyping of any relevant chip design

TissUse Multi-Organ-Chip platform covers a broad field of applications:

TissUse Multi-Organ-Chip platform covers a broad field of applications