TissUse offers high-value service contracts to create custom solutions for safety evaluation of drugs, cosmetics and chemicals, and pre-clinical human disease modelling. Any new chip design serving customer needs with a specific organ arrangement can be prototyped and produced at short notice due to a proprietary rapid prototyping procedure established at TissUse.

The versatile TissUse approach addresses multiple organs & tissues to make the right chip for the right assay.

TissUse Multi organ Chip assay

Drug development

Our goal is to deliver the tools to accelerate drug development through these stages together with all the scientists over the world towards patient’s benefit. Our experienced team with long-standing expertise in Multi-Organ-Chip assay development (>50 MOC publications) will design your flexible, efficient and reliable assay for safety or efficacy testing.

  • Safety: Identify hazards before moving on to exposing organisms with your substance of interest.
  • Efficacy: Get early and strong indication of your substance performance early in the development process.

Examples of established assays by TissUse

  DMPK / Safety / Hazard identification
  Mode of Action / Efficacy

No. Organ model Schematic Context of use Level of readiness Species
1 Blood-Brain-barrier – Neuro – Liver BBB permeability, organ toxicity, metabolite neurotoxicity III
2 Bone marrow Bone marrow toxicity, chemotherapy scheduling III
3 Intestine – Liver Absorption, metabolism III
4 Intestine – Liver – Kidney – Neuro ADME-profiling, PBPK, first-path metabolism, primary & secondary organ toxicity III
5 Intestine – Liver – Kidney – Neuro + Vasculature ADME-profiling, PBPK, first-path metabolism, primary & secondary organ toxicity III
6 Lung – Liver Hazard identification III
7 Pancreas – Liver Diabetes target finding, mathematical modeling III
8 Skin – Liver Compound PK/PD, skin irritancy, toxicity, first-path metabolism III
9 Skin – Liver – Thyroid Repeated dose topical and systemic administration III
10 Skin – Tumor Anti-tumor antibodies III
11 Endometrium Physiology/Pathology II
12 Hair follicle Hair growth agents II
13 Kidney (glomerulus) – Liver Therapeutic effect of MSC-derived extracellular vesicles II
14 Kidney (proximal tubules) – Liver Repeated dose proximal tubules toxicity II
15 Liver Drug evaluation II
16 Lung Nanoparticle toxicity II
17 Testis – Liver Testicular toxicity II
18 Thyroid – Liver Endocrine disruption II vs.
19 Vasculature – Pancreas – Tumor Anti-tumor therapy II
20 Bone Nanoparticle toxicity I
21 Bone marrow Erythropoiesis I
22 Cardio – Liver Metabolite cardiotoxicity I
23 Intestine – Skeletal muscle Muscle growth agents I vs.
24 Neuro – Liver Metabolite neurotoxicity I
25 Immunocompetent Skin – Gingiva Skin and oral toxicity I
26 Skin including dermal papillae Skin sensitizer I
27 Skin – Leukocytes Allograft rejection therapies I
28 Tumor (DLBCL) – Liver Personalized automatized cancer treatment I

III  Assay established, available for testing/assay transfer
II   Model established, available for assay development
I    Proof of Concept, available for joint development

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