HUMIMC AutoLab – Our Answer to the Big Questions

The HUMIMIC AutoLab is a small research lab that allows for the automatic operation of up to 24 Multi-Organ-Chips in parallel. The system works with maximum efficiency and enables controlled conditions while operating and collecting data from our Multi-Organ-Chips.

Product description

Chips are placed in a sterile internal compartment with automatic heating with the system suppliying nutrient solution to the Chips for the duration of the experiments. Substances will be automatically applied according to a specified dosing protocol. Imaging data can be recorded by an integrated bright-field and fluorescence microscope. The automatic analysis of Multi-Organ-Chips ensures a high degree of autonomy and guarantees consistent quality of the measurements. The HUMIMIC Autolab is compatible with HUMIMIC Chip 2, 3 and 4.



  • Separate incubation of up to 24 Multi-Organ-Chips between 36 °C and 40 °C
  • Sterile environment in a class II safety cabinet
  • Automatic storage of samples, substances and media at 4 °C
  • High precision 3-axial positioning system with two portals for chip operation and supply of consumables

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