In the field of regenerative medicine and tissue engineering rises the problem of the limited source of cells for studying the embryogenic development of organs, building up complex organ systems and disease models for drug testing. Primary cells lack in terms of donor specific characteristics and ethical concerns.

Product description

The TissUse human induced pluripotent stem cell lines can counteract these problems. By reprogramming peripheral blood mononuclear cells with episomes, a „footprint-free“-method,  we build up cell line banks which are transgene-free, virus-free and with no need to cultivate on feeder layer. The iPSCs were reprogrammed with a set of five episomal vectors containing OCT4, SOX2, LIN28, KLF4, and L-MYC.

These reprogrammed pluripotent stem cells enable the development of an unlimited source of any type of human cells needed for research purposes in academia and industry.

At the moment there is a pool of 7 different human donors, with more in the pipeline.

All HUMIMIC iPSCs were validated for their gene expression of pluripotent markers like OCT3/4, SOX2, NANOG and TRA-1-60. The iPSCs grow in flat colonies with high cell-cell contact morphology and minimum spontaneous differentiation. They have a round shape, a large nucleus and scant cytoplasm. By the differentiation of the iPSCs into cardiomyocytes, neurons and the definitive endoderm it was shown that all cell lines still have their differentiation potential towards mesoderm, ectoderm and endoderm. The HUMIMIC cell lines have a normal karyotype. All iPSC banks also examined negative for any mycoplasma, bacteria or fungi contamination.  The complete analysis can be found in the certificate of analysis for every single cell line batch.

TissUse provides with every purchased vial of cells an application protocol. This enables even iPSC beginners to work with HUMIMIC iPSCs.  



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Cell line repository/bank: Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Registry (hPSCreg)


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