Can the HUMIMIC Starter support multiple chips and different chip types with different organs/organ combinations at the same time?

Yes, all the HUMIMIC Starter versions do.

Is there a requirement for periodic maintenance activities to be performed?

The HUMIMIC Starter is maintenance free. However, we advise annual exchange of the pump tubing for prolonged life time and cleanliness to avoid contamination. The annual exchange is included in the additional maintenance contract offer.

What is the size and weight of the HUMIMIC Starter?

9.88 x 8.11 x 5.9 inch (L x W x H), 10.6 lbs

25.1 x 20.6 x 15.0 cm (L x W x H), 4.8 kg

What are the laboratory requirements for HUMIMIC Starter?
  • The HUMIMIC Starter requires compressed air from a compressed air outlet or a compressor of up to 6 bar with a volume flow of 25l/min per HUMIMIC Starter for the duration of the experimental time (for X HUMIMIC Starter you need 6 bar with X*25 l/min). If a compressor is used, it is recommended to dimension it a bit more generously, as this minimizes the load and increases its lifetime.
  • The compressed air needs to be dry and oil-free (DIN 8573-1, class 1), pressure dew point 12°C
  • The compressed air quality must follow ISO 8573-1:2010-4 [6.4:3]. The numbers [6:4:3] define a [particle size < 5µm : dew point ≤ +3°C : Oil ≤ 1 mg/m³]. To reach a dew point of ≤ +3°C, we recommend to connect a membrane dryer to the compressor.
  • You can connect the HUMIMIC Starter to an additional vacuum generator in order to relax the requirements on the air pressure. Our dedicated field application specialists are happy to help you with the specific setup in your laboratory.
Which certifications does the HUMIMIC technology have?

Our HUMIMIC Starter and HUMIMIC AutoLab devices are CE certified.

What is the storage time of the chips?

HUMIMIC Chips are produced and shipped on demand. After receipt of the Chips you can store them until use for up to 7 days at 4°C. We recommend exchanging the buffer solution every 7 days if you plan to store the Chips for longer periods. Please note that the product guarantee will expire if you exchange the buffer solution.

How do I know my HUMIMIC Chips are sterile?

HUMIMIC Chips have been designed to be fully closed systems to minimize the risk of contamination. Our Chips are produced in cleanrooms in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14644-1 Class 5 standard. The external surfaces of our chips can be cleaned using standard sanitization methods (e.g. ethanol). Please follow the protocols provided by us to ensure sterile conditions during experiments.

Do the HUMIMIC Chips contain any toxic components or irritants?

Our HUMIMIC Chips are manufactured from biocompatible materials. They are filled with a buffer solution of D-PBS for shipment. Antibiotics can be also be added on demand.

Are the HUMIMIC Chips reusable?

HUMIMIC Chips are designed to be single-use devices for experiments ranging from several days to months.

Do you provide protocols for cell or tissue culture in the chips?

We do have a broad range of protocols for single and multi-organ cultures available. All protocols are provided free of charge to HUMIMIC users. Protocols are also described in our publications which can be found at https://www.tissuse.com/de/news/publikationen/

Can I order personalised chips according to my needs?

The HUMIMIC Chip design can be adopted to fit your specific research question. Our team of engineers will be available to help you design your customized chip. All chips are currently being shipped excluding cells and tissues. Protocols for cultivation of a broad range of single and multi-organ cultures available. All protocols are provided free of charge to HUMIMIC users. Protocols are also described in our publications which can be found at https://www.tissuse.com/en/news/publications/

How can I place an order?

You can place an order by writing us an email or through your Account Manager at TissUse. Alternatively you can place an order through Scientist.com

Who can I contact for more information on TissUse’s technology?

For any information not covered in the FAQ please contact us at info@tissuse.com or use the contact form on our homepage.
For troubleshooting and support with HUMIMIC Chips please write to chips@tissuse.com
For troubleshooting and support with HUMIMIC Starter and HUMIMIC AutoLab please contact our team of dedicated field application specialists at support@tissuse.com

Do you have distributors in China?

Shanghai Yuze Biotechnology Co., Ltd (上海钰泽生物科技有限公司) is the official distributor for our HUMIMIC products in China.

Website: yuze-sciences.com (for Shanghai) | best-sciences.com (for Beijing)
Contact: +86 158-21005130 | +86 135-22153668 | +86 021-60528840

Do you have distributors in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia?

Sygnis New Technologies sp. z o.o. is the official distributor for our HUMIMIC products in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Website: sygnis.pl
Contact: Karolina Sobeczek, Application Engineer | +48 780 060 824 | karolina.sobeczek@sygnis.pl