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2022, Pharmaceutics, Vol. 14, Proof-of-Concept Organ-on-Chip Study: Topical Cinnamaldehyde Exposure of Reconstructed Human Skin with Integrated Neopapillae Cultured under Dynamic Flow
Vahav I, Thon M, van den Broek LJ, Spiekstra SW, Ataҫ B, Lindner G, Schimek K, Marx U, Gibbs S

2020, In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology – Animal, The microfollicle: a model of the human hair follicle for in vitro studies
Ataç B, Kiss FM, Lam T, Fauler B, Edler C, Hu P, Tao TP, Jädicke M, Rütschle I, Azar RP, Youngquist S, Mielke T, Marx U, Lauster R, Lindner G, DiColandrea T

2020, Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, Vol. 14, Reconstructed human skin shows epidermal invagination towards integrated neopapillae indicating early hair follicle formation in vitro
Vahav I, van den Broek LJ, Thon M, Monsuur HN, Spiekstra SW, Atac B, Scheper RJ, Lauster R, Lindner G, Marx U, Gibbs S

2013, Lab on a Chip, Skin and hair on-a-chip: in vitro skin models versus ex vivo tissue maintenance with dynamic perfusion
B Ataҫ, I Wagner, R Horland, R Lauster, U Marx, A Tonevitsky, A Azar, G Lindner

2011, BMC Proceedings, Human hair follicle equivalents in vitro for transplantation and chip-based substance testing
R Horland, G Lindner, I Wagner, B Atac, S Hoffmann, M Gruchow, F Sonntag, U Klotzbach, R Lauster, U Marx

2011, Journal of Biotechnology, De novo formation and ultra-structural characterization of a fiber-producing human hair follicle equivalent in vitro
G Lindner, R Horland, I Wagner, B Atac, R Lauster

2011, Experimental Dermatology, Cartilage oligomeric matrix protein (COMP) forms part of the connective tissue of normal human hair follicles
A Ariza de Schellenberger, R Horland, M Rosowski, R Paus, R Lauster, G Lindner