Publications – Bone marrow

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2020, Advanced Science, Metal‐Specific Biomaterial Accumulation in Human Peri‐Implant Bone and Bone Marrow
Schoon J, Hesse B, Rakow A, Ort MJ, Lagrange A, Jacobi D, Winter A, Huesker K, Reinke S, Cotte M,Tucoulou R, Marx U, Perka C, Duda GN, Geissler S

2019, Current Opinion in Toxicology, Vol. 17, Microphysiological systems in the evaluation of hematotoxicities during drug development
Dehne EM, Winter A, Marx U

2017, J Tissue Eng Regen Med, Bone marrow-on-a-chip: Long term culture of human hematopoietic stem cells in a 3D microfluidic environment
Sieber S, Wirth L, Cavak N, Koenigsmark M, Marx U, Lauster R, Rosowski M

2011, BIOspektrum, Miniaturisierte humane organtypische Zell- und Gewebekulturen
F Sonntag, M Gruchow, I Wagner, G Lindner, U Marx

2010, Journal of Biotechnology, Design and prototyping of a chip-based multi-micro-organoid culture system for substance testing, predictive to human (substance) exposure
F Sonntag, N Schilling, K Mader, M Gruchow, U Klotzbach, G Lindner, R Horland, I Wagner, R Lauster, S Howitz, S Hoffmann, U Marx