HUMIMIC Starter – Our Specialist Product for Individual Missions

Our Multi-Organ-Chips require a Control Unit. The HUMIMIC Starter delivers 24 pre-calibrated pneumatic connectors for optimal operation of the on-chip pumps.

Product description

Pumping pressure can be continuously adjusted and is then set automatically by the HUMIMIC Starter. This product is also equipped with a USB-port for easy management of pressure profiles and transfer of data. The HUMIMIC Starter is compatible with HUMIMIC Chip2, Chip3, Chip3plus and Chip4



  • Operates up to 8x HUMIMIC Chip3/Chip3plus, 4x HUMIMIC Chip2/Chip4 or a combination of these
  • 24 pre-calibrated pressure connectors for optimal volume flow in the Chips
  • Pressure and vacuum can be continuously adjustable via the user interface
  • 7“ touch display
  • 3 connections for additional devices like the HUMIMIC HeatingSupport and HUMIMIC ActSense