A variety of HUMIMIC Control Units are available – and they form the cornerstone of our HUMIMIC technology. Whether a basic unit or an automated laboratory, they all have concentrated superpowers for a multitude of needs and requirements.

HUMIMIC Starter – Our specialist for individual missions

Compact yet powerful, the HUMIMIC Starter is your ticket to the world of superheroes. Whether as a stand-alone unit or in a combination of multiple devices, it can do everything from basic research to complex studies.


HUMIMIC AutoLab – Our answer to the big questions

Concentrated research power to meet the biggest challenges and enable large-scale experiments. The HUMIMIC AutoLab can independently run up to 24 chips simultaneously. It can do everything the HUMIMIC Starter can do, and a lot more in an automated and more convenient way.


HUMIMIC AutoPlant – Nobody can change the world on their own

If you want to make a big difference, you need powerful allies. The HUMIMIC AutoPlant is on your side when it comes to detailed and complex experiments and studies. It can be expanded with an infinite number of modules, giving you all the research capacity you will ever need.


HUMIMIC ActSense – An electrifying combination of action and sensation

A Multi-Organ-Chip needs a true multi-tasker when it comes to electric applications and readouts. Our HUMIMIC ActSense combines TEER measurements, impedance spectroscopy, high resolution sensing and stimulation of electrically active tissue, using one single device.