HUMIMIC Chip3 und HUMIMIC Chip3plus

The HUMIMIC Chip3 is designed for the simultaneous cultivation of up to three organ models in a common microfluidic circuit. Cells and tissues can be used to emulate biological barriers like the intestine, lung or skin, as well as to grow spheroidal and matrix-supported cultures for mimicking the three-dimensional environment of organs like the liver. The HUMIMIC Chip3 und HUMIMIC Chip3plus have all the advantages of the HUMIMIC Chip2 while allowing the culture of an additional organ model.

Product description

The organ models are connected by microfluidic channels. An on-chip pump enables a near lifelike nutrient and oxygen supply to the cells. This allows for detailed studies of distribution and metabolization of various substances like drugs, cosmetics, chemicals, and food additives enabling the prediction of substance effects. The HUMIMIC Chip3 and Chip3plus are designed for use with non-invasive in-process controls like fluorescence microscopy and other optical methods.

The HUMIMIC Chip3 and Chip3plus give you additional flexibility when selecting your cell cultures due to their tailored design approach featuring organ compartments of varying size. A control unit like the HUMIMIC Starter is necessary to operate the HUMIMIC Chip3.



  • Efficient, lifelike nutrition of up to three organ models
  • Flexible combination of different tissues
  • Compatible with different types of cell cultures (primary cells, iPS-based models, biopsies)
  • Long-term performance
  • Physiological shear stress applicable
  • Rapid prototyping for specific customer needs