HUMIMIC ChipXX and HUMIMIC ChipXY will be our most potent products among our Multi-Organ-Chips. They will reproduce a systemic model of the female and male body, respectively. HUMIMIC ChipXX und HUMIMIC ChipXY have the power to model human physiology thereby generating highly predictive data sets. (In Development)

Product description

Establishing personalized disease models on these Chips will ultimately lead to a “Patient-on-a-Chip”. Drugs can be tested on this chip before being administered to patients in order to gain information about efficacy and side effects. Thus, HUMIMIC XX and HUMIMC XY pave the way to personalized medicine approaches.



  • “Patient-on-a-Chip” system with high physiological relevance
  • Will be able to generate data previously only accessible through clinical trials (phase I and II)
  • Will reduce animal testing on a large scale