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Pioneering Human-on-a-Chip developments


TissUse is a Berlin, Germany-based, vibrant growth company who has developed a unique "Multi-Organ-Chip" platform that - for the first time ever - provides ...

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TissUse has developed a unique, proprietary and patent-protected “human-on-a-chip” technology platform to accelerate the development of pharmaceutical ...

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TissUse provides a range of products which feature miniaturized constructs that closely simulate the activity of multiple human organs in their true physiological context ...

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TissUse offers high-value service contracts to create custom solutions for safety evaluation of drugs, cosmetics and chemicals, and pre-clinical human ...

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Meet TissUse at:

4th German Pharm-Tox Summit

Dr. Uwe Marx: From Organ-on-a-chip tools towards “Patients” on chips – enforcing a paradigm shift in drug development


25. February

Location: Stuttgart, Germany

ELRIG Research & Innovation 2019

The 2019 ELRIG R&I conference will discuss how the most promising new biology is being identified and discovered and seek to explore what promising new technologies and innovations are emerging to enable this science to be effectively translated into successful therapeutics.

Dr. Uwe Marx: Human Multi-Organ-Chip-based disease modelling: progress and challenges

02. April

Location: Cambridge, UK

BIO International Convention 2019

The Global Event for Biotechnology

03. June

Location: Philadelphia, PA, USA