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Pioneering Human-on-a-Chip developments


TissUse is a Berlin, Germany-based, vibrant growth company who has developed a unique "Multi-Organ-Chip" platform that - for the first time ever - provides ...

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TissUse has developed a unique, proprietary and patent-protected “human-on-a-chip” technology platform to accelerate the development of pharmaceutical ...

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TissUse provides a range of products which feature miniaturized constructs that closely simulate the activity of multiple human organs in their true physiological context ...

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TissUse offers high-value service contracts to create custom solutions for safety evaluation of drugs, cosmetics and chemicals, and pre-clinical human ...

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Meet TissUse at:

SLAS Conference 2019

Dr. Reyk Horland: Application of Multi-Organ-Chips to Enhance Safety and Efficacy Assessment in Drug Discovery

Ann-Kristin Muhsmann: A fully automated Multi-Organ-Chip Robot for standardized long-term culture, substance application and microscopic analysis

Florian Huber: Performance of an automated Multi-Organ-Chip based long-term co-culture assay of a liver and an intestine organ model using a new robot platform


02. February

Location: Washington DC, USA

Open EU-ToxRisk Symposium & EU-ToxRisk General Assembly 2019

Dr. Beren Atac-Wagegg: Microphysiological systems & multi-organ on a chip 

12. February

Location: Egmond aan Zee, The Netherlands

4th German Pharm-Tox Summit

Uwe Marx: From Organ-on-a-chip tools towards “Patients” on chips – enforcing a paradigm shift in drug development


25. February

Location: Stuttgart, Germany