TissUse Smart Hair Transplants (SHT)

Hair transplantation is a procedure that is currently invasive and costly. The current industry standard requires the surgical excision of a skin flap that contains roughly 8,000 hairs, and yields roughly 8,000 hairs upon transplantation. TissUse has discovered a more efficient and less painful process. By isolating cells from the dermal papilla, the root of the hair follicle, it is possible to expand and culture those cells to form neopapillae.

Neopapillae are the precursors of hair follicles which have been shown to grow hair follicles under controlled conditions in vitro. The approach is extremely efficient compared to the standard and requires the cells from thirty punch biopsies only, while yielding 10,000 neopapillae (three hundred fold more transplants).

Each of these neopapilla has the potential to form a brand new hair follicle. TissUse’s method of hair restoration requires exceptional few biopsies and yields large numbers of hair inducing transplants while being much less invasive than the surgical transplant standard! Proof of Concept in clinical trials is the next value adding milestone toward clinical application and commercial use.


  • More efficient compared to standard procedures
  • Faster, more convenient and less painful
  • Requires exceptional few biopsies and yields large number of hair inducing transplants

TissUse Smart Hair Transplants (SHT)

FUT vs. FUE vs. Smart Hair Transplant

TissUse Smart Hair Transplant