4-Organ-Chip (4-OC)

A dynamic 4-Organ-Chip has been designed to allow for easy integration of up to four organ-equivalents of e.g. liver, intestine and kidney to determine the ADMET profile of tested substance. To emulate the special spatial situation and flow conditions in the proximal tubule of the kidney, two microfluidic circuits are interconnected. This allows for apical and basolateral perfusion of membrane-grown proximal tubule cells and for reabsorption and secretion of substances.

The TissUse Control Unit operates and monitors the 4-Organ-Chips. Each Control Unit is able to run up to four 4-Organ-Chips simultaneously.


  • Predictive for absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of substances (ADME assay)
  • Supports relevant PK/PD modelling accompanied by QIVIVE
  • Long-term repeated dose testing possible
  • Enables multi-organ disease modelling
TissUse 4-Organ-Chip (4-OC)

More information

  • Download the 4-Organ-Chip brochure here
  • Download the TissUse Control Unit brochure here
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