2-Organ-Chip (2-OC)

A dynamic 2-Organ-Chip has been established for the simultaneous cultivation of two different organ models in a common media perfusion circuit at a miniaturized scale. Cells or tissues can be applied both into the two culture spaces on standard Transwell inserts to model biological barriers, such as intestine epithelia, or on matrix supports to mimic the three-dimensional environment of parenchymal organs, such as the liver. The on-chip micro-pump and microfluidic channels interconnect these organs and provide lifelike behaviour. This enables the direct prediction of effects of chemicals and their metabolism on near real-life models.

The TissUse Control Unit operates and monitors the 2-Organ-Chips. Each Control Unit is able to run up to four 2-Organ-Chips simultaneously.


  • Efficient human-like tissue nutrition
  • Flexible combination of different tissues
  • Long-term performance
  • Physiological shear stress applicable
  • Rapid prototyping for specific customer needs in organ arrangement
TissUse 2-Organ-Chip (2-OC)

Watch how the 2-Organ-Chip works

More information

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